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34 before 34… in summation…

Yesterday, I celebrated my 34th year of life… in Paris, France. Thinking about this list I made last year (34 before 34), I never would have guessed that I would be in Europe at this time. I also feel that this trip has been a major accomplishment and it kind of overpowers most of the 34 before 34 list. However, I did cross a few items off before I left so here are my thoughts on those. I didn’t get to everything… but if we want to get all technical, I did start my list a while after my 33rd birthday. SO YEAH. And you know… Europe.

24) Go to 10 different museums
OK… I didn’t get to 10. But I did quite a few: Guggenheim, MoMA, American Museum of Natural History, the Met, New York Historical Society, Ellis Island, and the New York Public Library (yes, this counts because I visited a curated exhibition). 7 out of 10 isn’t so bad. I had wanted to go to the Transit Museum and the Museum of Sex, but never got around to it. And yes, I can still go and I plan on doing so in the near future. I’m not much of a museum person, but when I made the list, I worked for the Guggenheim and had free admission to every museum… so that made it somewhat easy to do. And I’m an idiot for not going to EVERY SINGLE ONE while I could. But that’s a lesson I’ve learned… take advantage when you can.

2) Go on a sailboat
OK… again, I’m checking this one off on a technicality. It wasn’t a SAILboat, but it was a boat that cruised the Hudson River. So I’ll take it. The Pac-12 Alumni group does an annual boat cruise around the start of summer. Free booze, gorgeous weather, great friends, and ridiculous views of Manhattan… yes, please.


Part of doing this list is to do things somewhat out of the ordinary. I didn’t know this cruise existed when I made the list… but just the nature of being open to new things has encouraged me to do things that just come up.

17) Go speed dating
Somehow this came up with a friend of mine and I was more than happy to oblige her and go along. Though I didn’t care so much about actually meeting someone, I was excited to cross something off my list and have a unique experience in the process. It was pretty funny… a true practice in small talk and quick conversation. Most of the guys start with the same types of questions: “What do you do?” “Where are you from?” “Have you done this before?” But occasionally a guy would just totally be himself and we’d just have a bit of banter. Nobody really struck me as dateable and perhaps my approach to the whole thing was a bit too casual. It was a fun time though.

A few weeks back, comedian Tig Notaro was on the Nerdist podcast. She has a saying that she’s used for a long time, but after all she’s been through (look her up if you don’t know) it means a lot more… and it totally resonated with me: “How about now; how about right now?” Part of creating this list is about forcing myself to do things I normally wouldn’t do. But I as I said before, the creation of the list has pushed me to do other things as well.

It has been a hell of a year… a lot of ups and downs, but I feel accomplished in so many ways. Obviously it’s my intention to continue these adventures. I want to do things now; do them right now.

Stay tuned for 35 before 35!

Why don’t you do somethin’… [Updated]

So part of me living in NYC is that I’m attempting to live the life I always wanted to live. There is way too much opportunity here and I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would take advantage of all I could while I was in this city (even though I may very well spend the rest of my life here).

Get ready, NYC…

I was recently out with my friend Chrissy and somehow in conversation she revealed that she compiles a yearly bucket list of sorts – things to do from birthday to birthday. She had really simple and accomplishable items on her list… the idea is that you actually DO the things… and if you don’t get to them in a year, roll them over into the next year – no pressure. And I suddenly got very excited.

So here’s my list… 34 things I hope to do before I turn 34 next September:

1) Go skiing – I have only been snowboarding… and that was just once.

2) Go on a sailboat – I feel certain I can make this happen next summer…

3) Try Ethiopian food – I have tried a lot of different foods since moving to NYC, Ethiopian hasn’t come up yet… and there are places RIGHT in my neighborhood… seems like a no-brainer.

4) Go listen to live jazz – again, so many good places in my neighborhood… why haven’t I done this yet?!

5) Go see a cabaret show – even if it’s terrible…

6) Go to an improv show – again, how have I not done this yet?

7) Take an improv class – because I know once I see a show, I will want to DO it.

8) Get drinks on a rooftop (swanky style) – no, I didn’t do this during my first summer in the city… I drank on my own rooftop, but that was beers on lawn chairs in my PJs… I want to get fancy.

9) Eat at a restaurant where reservations are required – this may involve saving some cash… unless I find a nice gentleman willing to take me out..

10) Go to the ballet – are you beginning to see a common thread with some of these?

11) Go to the symphony in Central Park – again, easy enough… why didn’t I take more advantage of CP last summer?

12) Get a bike – man, I wish I had done this earlier… could use one now…

13) Start learning Italian – but seriously and not just a word here and there.

14) Get paid to write something – this would be super… especially if it could happen sooner than later. And I’m not asking for much…

15) Go an entire weekend without the Internet – this could be tricky…

16) Take a cooking class – I can’t cook, but this would be fun.

17) Go speed dating – I’ve always wanted to do this and one of my guy friends has gone and will go again… I will make this happen soon.

18) Go to a magic show – wouldn’t that be hilarious?

19) Participate in a Hash – I saw one of these groups very early upon my arrival to NYC and have wanted to do it ever since.

20) Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – simple enough… of course it would mean not being with family – unless they want to come HERE… Thanksgiving in NYC sounds pretty awesome to me… And really, for this, I would settle for going and seeing the balloons being inflated…

20) Eat raw oysters.  (I’m allowed to make a change… there are no rules… only my rules… of which there are no rules)

21) Volunteer – yes, I have volunteered before… but it’s been a very long time… and this shouldn’t be difficult given the recent storm… but I’d also like to do something in my neighborhood if possible…

22) Take a dance class – tap would be ideal… but I’ll go for anything…

23) Go ice skating in Central Park – and this is already on my agenda for December… sweet.

24) Go to 10 different museums – seeing as how I have access to any museum through work it is shocking that I haven’t already done this…

25) Go to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show – how I haven’t already done this, I do not know… but it must happen.

26) Go to a Yankees game – some of my family members will be disgusted with that… but I’ve been to a couple of iconic baseball fields already, I feel like I live too close to Yankee Stadium to not go..

27) Organize a picnic in Central Park – something I wanted to do last summer, but never got around to it…

28) Go camping – I am sure I will not like this, but I feel like it’s something I need to do…

29) Take an art class – preferably drawing or painting, but I’ll go for ceramics or something like that too…

30) Write every day for 7 days – I should write like this all the time, but I tend to lack motivation…

31) Go on a day trip outside of the city – there is so much to explore in the surrounding areas… I want to see what I can find.

32) Go to SantaCon (or Pirate Con… or both) – this city is so silly… I want to join in on the silliness more often.

33) Run a 5K – I’m not running a marathon any time soon… And I have participated in a 5K before, but I walked most of it. I want to RUN… then maybe next year, I’ll move up to a 10K… whaaaaat?

34) Go to roller derby (yes, this one was straight up stolen from Chrissy’s list) – and mark my words, if I get to go I will bet that next year’s list will include participating in a roller derby.

What’s on YOUR list?

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