Time alone is good, I spend my days in the city…

I’ve been so busy with other activities (and other writing) that I have neglected my 34 before 34 list. I have managed to accomplish a few items… technically. Since it’s my list, I reserve the right to determine to what extend these goals are accomplished. And frankly, as long as I’m doing some form of this list I think its purpose is being served. So here – we – go!

8) Get drinks on a rooftop (swanky style)
Back in early February (right as that fun winter storm, Nemo, hit), a friend from California came to NYC for her bachelorette party. We ended up at 230 Fifth – we didn’t stay long and it seemed like we were there for the views and the views only… which were pretty spectacular. Of course, it was freezing ass cold… as is evidenced by the massive red robes they gave us. And as much as I didn’t want to play tourist with the group of girls from out of town, I couldn’t help but get someone to snap a quick picture of me with the ESB in the background…


It’s all so red…

9) Eat at a restaurant where reservations are required
This was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be. Especially because I went during Restaurant Week. This is a great deal because you can eat at restaurants that would normally cost a week’s salary… My friend Melis and I went to Porter House at the Time Warner Center and ate a delicious 3 course meal for something like $25. Salad, filet (SO GOOD), and cheesecake. We did make reservations… but the place was empty when we got there. It did fill up pretty quickly… so reservations may not have been required but I was glad we had them.

15) Go an entire weekend without the Internet
I’m pulling a technicality here… I previously went a week without Facebook. I think that’s about as far as I’m willing to go at this point.

32) Go to SantaCon (or Pirate Con… or both)


That’s a lot of Santas…

So I missed SantaCon. I opted to spend time with a friend in Staten Island. I watched some mid-major (kinda) college basketball, drank whiskey in an empty theater, ate some pretty good food, and had a delicious new beer.



I avoided the scary crowds and somehow managed to have a good time (hello, the Staten Island Ferry is AWESOME… and free). So I’m crossing this one off. I didn’t do what I set out to do, but I still experienced some new things… and that’s the whole point of this list, right?

I’m still working through my other items… some require the warmer weather of the Spring and Summer… but I’m as excited as ever to get them done!

Blog song title: “Life on a Chain” by Pete Yorn
Photo credits: ME, guestofaguest.com, ME

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A little over three years ago, I moved from the confines of Orange County, California to take a bite out of the Big Apple. Every day is an adventure and this is where I will attempt to write about it all. I love sports and Star Wars and Doctor Who and rock music and New York and traveling and being outdoors... and other stuff. View all posts by Quincey Trigillo

One response to “Time alone is good, I spend my days in the city…

  • Brooke

    Why do I feel so cool that I got referenced in your blog? Like…”ME! I’m the friend from California!” Dork. Another great entry! 🙂

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