Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad… [Part 1]

First I must preface this by saying that I am super hopped up on cold meds… so if I say anything crazy nuts or, worse, make egregious spelling or grammatical errors… please forgive me.

I mentioned previously that my job may be ending sooner than expected. This is the life of working on a temporary basis. My current position has me basically picking up slack until they can hire someone else (for a position I am not qualified for… obviously I have already thought about throwing my hat in that ring… unfortunately, it’s a no-go). They are already interviewing and I could be out on my ass in a matter of a couple of weeks. Maybe.

So I’m back in that uncomfortably familiar realm of figuring out my next move. It’s really hard to look for a job when you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Temp work makes sense because it’s non-committal and easy and pays pretty well. But it gets old. Temp jobs are the one night stands of employment. Fun at first, but after a few you need something a bit more substantial.



In thinking about what I want to do… I have come up with some points… I want to travel (so I need the means and the time), I don’t want to stab my eyes out from boredom, I want to make enough to get by and even save something (again, I want to travel), I want time to write, I want time to do fun things… so my mind keeps coming back to the educational world. Decent money, time off for holidays (Spring Break, Summer Vacation, Winter Break – yes, please), usually pretty entertaining (certainly never dull), and if I find the right capacity, time to do all the other stuff.

Look, I didn’t leave the teaching profession because I hated it. Quite the contrary… I really loved it (more on that in Part 2). But everything else in my life was suffering for it. I was in a place I didn’t want to be and in a life I didn’t want to have. My job couldn’t be the ONLY thing keeping me happy. So I made a major change by moving across the country. I found the personal happiness I had been looking for… so perhaps it’s time to seek a little professional happiness.

I really don’t want to be defined by what I do for a living. I still want to get out and see the world… and I think that by either going back to teaching, or just the educational world in general, I just might get some (or ALL) of those things that I want.


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