So long my friend… (Part 2) [Updated]

Instead of putting all my updates in one post, I’m creating a second for the purpose of reflecting on this Facebook sabbatical. I know, heavy stuff.

Day 1: As I said before, this morning I deleted the app from my phone; a surprisingly easy and somewhat cathartic action. And since there are a handful of people in my life with whom I communicate almost exclusively through Facebook, I needed to post a “farewell” status to explain my impending silence. And truthfully, until about noon, I can’t say I have missed the old F-book. As things become slower at work, however, I feel the slight itch to see what’s going on in the rest of the world (of Facebook). Thus far, that need is being fulfilled by reading articles on Gothamist, The Atlantic, Gawker and the like…

It’s been about 5.5 hours… let’s see if I can make it through to next Monday.

Day 2: This morning I was listening to the Nerdist podcast with TJ Miller and they spent a lot of time talking about how much anxiety is created by social media and technology. I, obviously, can relate to this. Everything is so accessible at all times. And when something or someone is not accessible, that’s where the anxiety comes in. I get pissed when my Internet connection slows. I’m the person that gets frustrated when I don’t get a text reply RIGHT AWAY. And it’s ridiculous… do I always reply in a timely manner? No… so why should I be upset when others don’t. All the more reason to take a breather from the Interwebs… and not just Facebook. This week I will try to spend less time connected to technology and more time connected to human beings.

Day 4: Well, I guess I got over the hump. I have to say the end of Day 2 and start of Day 3 were the worst… as far as really wanting to connect via FB. I will say one thing I miss the most is that I like sharing thoughts, ideas, quotes, articles, songs with others… not sure how much others care about that shit… and frankly, I don’t know why I feel so compelled to do this… but that’s the thing I’ve been struggling with. Perhaps I will become more enlightened to this concept over the remainder of my sabbatical.

Blog song title: “Under Cover of Darkness” by the Strokes

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