Hey man, now you’re really living…

I had the opportunity to cross not one but TWO items off my 34 before 34 list this past week… on the same night. Now, part of what made crossing these off the list so awesome was the company I was with. I’m not going to talk much about it because it’s all really fresh… but my new special friend definitely added a whole other dimension to the experience. On to the items!

20) Eat raw oysters.



So when my special friend (we’ll just say SF from here on out) suggested going to Fish and getting oysters, I was a bit nervous. Not only was I really worried that I was going to hate them, but now I had to worry about embarrassing myself in front of a cute boy. So I let him order and then asked for a little guidance. I didn’t even know how to eat these suckers (do I slurp? do I chew? what do I use that adorable tiny fork for?). He ate one to show me how it was done and then it was my turn. I put a little cocktail sauce on and I was ready… sort of. I tried to explain to SF that this was a big deal as I grew up a very picky eater… he didn’t quite get it. I guess I needed a bit more ceremony for the occasion, so I had him snap the picture above. And then I went for it.

I had two fears going into this challenge… one, that the texture would gross me out and make me gag (seriously) and the other was that they would taste SO fishy that I would gag (yeah, seriously). I was pleasantly surprised to find that neither of those were true and ended up having a couple more. I even tried a raw clam… (did not like).

We went on to enjoy a delicious lobster bisque, a crab cake, some scallops… and even some more oysters. We had plans to go to a midnight comedy show at the Comedy Cellar, but we were done eating pretty early. Since we were in the West Village, he suggested going to Fat Cat.

So on to the next one…

4) Go listen to live jazz

Jam session at Fat Cat

Jam session at Fat Cat

Now, I’ve been to this place a few times before… they have pool tables, ping pong, board games… and live jazz. I have heard the jazz here before (like in the background), but I never actually sat and listened. So we managed to get one of the couches that surrounds the band and got to sit and listen. I really like jazz… and sitting in a dark bar in New York City listening to a great jazz jam session was pretty damn awesome… and surreal.

Throughout the night I definitely had a few”is this actually my life?” moments. A great dinner, followed by live jazz and midnight stand up comedy… with a cute boy. Yup, this is my life. And it’s awesome.


Blog song title: “Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living) by the Eels
Photo credit: me & my iPhone and ineskuusik.wordpress.com (I wish I had taken my own pic at Fat Cat, but I didn’t think of it… yeah, I will be better about taking pics of this 34 before 34 thing)

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