Oh no not I, I will survive…

Sandy was a HUGE bitch

First of all, I know how incredibly fortunate I am to have made it through this storm unscathed. My power didn’t go out, my water is still on, no damage or injury. My only problem was missing out on a week of income since my office closed due to lack of power (which in my world is pretty devastating since I currently have $16 to my name, but I’m ALIVE). And I do know so many people who were affected negatively.

Many lessons are being learned, or even just reinforced, through all of this. Obviously, it’s a reminder to be grateful for everything I have. But it’s also a reminder to not take things for granted. Just this morning the wifi in my apartment went down (again)… my first reaction was to be really annoyed… but then I stopped and remembered that at least I HAVE internet access. Oh and a ROOF OVER MY HEAD. It’s so easy to forget how easy I have it. And while I certainly struggle financially, I still maintain a home (though ask me again after my next paycheck which will be one week short of pay… ouch).

Another thing I’ve learned is how amazing this city is. It was so hard to see a city that is so full of life and energy come to a grinding halt. But that didn’t last too long. People are back out in the streets, the subway is starting to run again and those without power should see the light tomorrow. Talk about getting right back up after you fall… I am so incredibly inspired by what a tough bitch NYC is.

Of course, that’s not the case for everyone… many places simply cannot return to normal… Sandy caused her fair share of death and destruction. It has been so disheartening… but again, I’m amazed at how this city has rallied and shown the true meaning of “neighbor.” I wish I could do more… but I’m doing what I can to help. Check out nyc.gov, newyorkcares.org, the Red Cross, Rockaway Relief, statenisland.recovers.org, or just Google “Sandy volunteer” and you can find ways to help too…


Blog title song: “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor
Photo credit: Getty Images via telegraph.co.uk

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