Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places… (part 1)

Dating has always been a foreign concept to me. It has never felt normal or natural. I always had crushes on friends and was lucky (or unlucky) enough to turn a couple of those friend crushes into relationships. But I’ve been single for quite a long time now. And I’m thinking that maybe I don’t want to be anymore.

People keep saying that I need to “put myself out there” in order to find someone. Well, dating is “putting myself out there” and I hate dating. So where does one find a date in this day and age? Apparently online. So yes, I’ve turned to the world of online dating. After much stubbornness (duh, it’s me we’re talking about here), I signed up for one of the free sites (which will remain nameless for now – though some of you already know which one). Apparently it’s a major hook up site, but more on that later.

I figured this would be a good way to flex the dating muscle, so to speak. Go out on dates and figure out what I like and what I don’t like. Through this medium I can conduct searches with my exact specifications and see what (or rather who) comes up. Which I’ve found actually makes me way pickier than I should be. But it’s good to be able to search for the things I know for sure I don’t want (guys who want kids, guys who have cats, guys who don’t like dogs, etc.).

The problem is that I really don’t know what I’m looking for. Do I want to get married? I know I don’t want kids… not sure how I feel about marriage.  I have no idea. I do know that sometimes I hear a song that makes me want to hold someone’s hand. Or I’ll see a couple on a bench in the park and it’s like they’re the only two people in the world… having that wouldn’t suck.

So I’m out there… and so far it’s been a little frustrating… but I’m still making the effort. Sometimes I have to force myself to go out with people I wouldn’t otherwise be interested in (again, trying to figure out what I want also means finding out what I don’t want). Usually I get a drink (or even a meal – BONUS) out of it. Sometimes I get less than that. A lot less.

Anyway, I could seriously create a whole blog just on my experiences with this site… but I don’t have quite enough material for it yet… and knowing me, the second I start the other blog, I’d meet the man of my dreams and have to stop (ok, so that’s probably a bonus for the separate blog). SO, I’ll just post the stories here… after all this blog is about me and my life… and dating is a part of that. Just a warning though… some stories are NOT safe for some audiences. I’ll try to give a head’s up, but yeah… adult themes will be present. Stay tuned for my adventures in frog kissing…

Photo credit: http://www.stylemagazine.com
Blog title song: “Lookin’ for Love” by Johnny Lee

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A little over three years ago, I moved from the confines of Orange County, California to take a bite out of the Big Apple. Every day is an adventure and this is where I will attempt to write about it all. I love sports and Star Wars and Doctor Who and rock music and New York and traveling and being outdoors... and other stuff. View all posts by Quincey Trigillo

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